The stripper next door-Choosing The Right Strategy

 I am the girl next door, a nice girl. I never thought I would make it as a topless dancer, I didn't look like a stripper or have fake breasts, I was all natural. The first few months of dancing topless was difficult, most of the strippers were so sexy and beautiful it was intimating. I only worked the day shift for the first month, I didn't dare work the weekend or the night shifts because it was reserved for the highest-paid strippers. The day shift was slow, I only made $60.00 per day, which was not enough money for taking off my clothing. I decided I needed to come up with a strategy I wasn't a professional stripper, I couldn't just stand there and do nothing like the other strippers and expect money to be thrown at me, I had to come up with something a few months later I figured it and no it didn't entail having sex with men or being in porn, I went from making $60.00 to $500.00 a night. My strategy worked so well that I became one of the clubs top strippers, earning the nickname Shark, only the top strippers were nicknamed Shark, and I was one of them! I danced for 5 years and made a lot of money . Keep reading my blog and I will tell you how I did this.